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ACDC Solar, LLC provides free solar analysis for your home or business and expert installations.

ACDC Solar shows your business a smarter way to purchase electricity.

Did you know?

With ACDC Solar your business can get more than 50% of its investment in solar back within the first 12-months. AND, the remaining balance after year 1 is typically 1/5 of what you are already planning on spending on electricity. Put another way, after receiving 50% of your investment back, if you transfer the remaining balance to a loan, then your now-steady electricity payments will be less than 40% of what you were spending on electricity the previous year. And, you will own your electricity generating system. Solar is a no-brainer.


Email us your last 12-months of electric bills to learn how easy it is to own your electricity.

Investment Tax Credit

The Federal Government provides a 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar generating systems. This means that instead of paying your taxes and getting nothing in return, you can use money earmarked for Uncle Sam to buy solar and become energy independent. You own your building, but you rent your electricity… that doesn’t make cents!

MACRS Depreciation

In addition to the ITC, the IRS allows system owners to depreciate 85% of system installation price using Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS); plus, systems in service before January 1, 2018 qualify for 50% bonus accelerated depreciation, meaning 42.5% of a system’s price can be depreciated in year one. In addition, the remaining 42.5% can be depreciated using the regular MACRS schedule. Systems in service before January 1, 2018 can depreciate an impressive 51% of the system installation price year one!

You Have to Buy Electricity. Our Way is Smarter.

There is no such thing as a free lunch and solar is not free. HOWEVER, the money that you will spend on solar is already in your annual budget! Going solar with ACDC Solar will cost you less than what you are planning on spending on electricity.  You have to pay taxes and you have to buy electricity, this happens every year… Instead of giving away your hard earn revenue to the government and utility company with no end in sight: STOP RENTING YOUR ELECTRICITY. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF INCENTIVES AVAILABLE TO YOUR BUSINESS AND OWN YOUR ELECTRICITY.

Email us your last 12-months of electric bills to learn how easy it is to own your electricity.



Climate change is a challenge that requires a broader, whole-of government response.

- Secretary of Defense General 'Mad Dog' Mattis

CEO from the largest oil companies in the world, as well as, republican politicians, including former Secretaries of State Jim Baker and George Shultz, are changing their tone on Climate Change. They are all taking action and acknowledge Climate Change is real.

- CNN Reported February 7, 2017

Some parts of the U.S. electric grid predate the turn of the 20th century.

- 2017 Infrastructure Report Card

The outdated US electric grid is going to cost $5 trillion to replace

- Joshua D. Rhodes, Postdoctoral Researcher of Energy at the University of Texas at Austin

Home & Business Turnkey Service

ACDC Solar prides itself on providing the best value to our clients by focusing on procuring quality tier 1 equipment, securing the best financing in the industry, being the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and providing a custom solution optimized for your home or business.

Extended Inverter Warranty

Inverters are the heart of your system and they typically come with a 10 or 12-year warranty. As part of our commitment to provide the best value, ACDC Solar includes the purchase of an extended 20-year warranty from the manufacturer as standard.

10-Year Labor Warranty

With the purchase our O&M services, ACDC Solar warrants all installation labor to be free from defects in workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the completion date. That is twice the peace of mind our competitors offer.

We Handle All Warranty Claims

We act as your agent to resolve warranty issues with vendors so you can concentrate on reinvesting your savings.

24/7 Web-Based Monitoring

Installations include state-of-the-art web-based monitoring, which allows you real-time insight into your system’s performance.

Trusted Financial Analysis

Designing and pricing of solar arrays is truly a custom endeavor. It depends on each sites attributes including but not limited to; roof height, roof type, electrical service, array’s location relative to service drop, number of meters, size of the array, etc. Our experienced solar team will analyze your electric consumption, electric expenses, local regulations, incentives, and installation site. Then, we will design a custom solar generating system and provide financial solutions best suited for your organization. We are teamed up with top commercial solar lenders that provide the best solar funding available in the market, including $0 Upfront PPAs & PPLs, and 7-10 year Tax Lease and Debt Financing. By sending us your last 12-month’s electric bills, we will create 30-year cash-flow simulations for each financing option.

Turnkey Service

ACDC Solar is fully licensed and insured, we make it easy for all organizations to enroll in our solar community regardless of size or complexity. In addition to our excellent customer service and knowledge, ACDC Solar offers our customers 10-year labor warranties with the purchase of O&M services. We handle all warranty claims with manufacturers, and extend warranties on inverters to 20-years. ACDC Solar also provides world-class analysis of SREC markets and risk assessment of market based incentives. To make sure that your entire organization benefits from going solar, we offer special referral programs for employees, friends and family. When you save, everybody saves! Give the gift of solar to your employees and CONTACT US TODAY!


We secure all municipal, utility interconnection, and state permits needed to safely install your solar generating system. Using the best installation standards and highest quality materials, your solar array will be operating and hassle free for years to come. We perform a comprehensive structural review of the site and engineer the perfect solution. Our installations are fast, professional and we treat your organization like our own. You will be glad you chose ACDC Solar for your solar project!

We provide the best financing for your organization

ACDC Solar is constantly finding and creating new ways to finance solar projects. We have options for every organization no matter the size of the project. Project financing comes in three buckets. (1) $0 up-front savings option (PPA). (2) An asset purchase option (loan/cash). (3) A hybrid of the two (OBS).


Power Purchase Agreement

$0 Upfront and Save Day 1

Lock in electric rates for 15-25 years

Includes Insurance and Maintenance

24/7 Monitoring

Available in most states


Available for Businesses

84-Month Off-Balance Sheet Lease

Customers receive RECs

Underwritten at lower yields than PPAs

Lease payments and buyouts are tax-deductible

Bank receives tax benefits

Lease payments and buyouts total about 87% of installation prices

Effective interest rates are negative 3.1%


Customers receive tax benefits

Customers receive RECs

Re-amortizes with each prepayment

With prepayments of ITC, MACRS and RECs (if applicable), effective interest rates can be as low as 4-6%

Easy to apply and you can make payments online

Non-Recourse Debt Financing, No Personal Guarantees, No Property Liens, No All-Asset Liens, Liens are on solar equipment only 

Who We Are

With over 50-years of combined experience in construction and home improvement services, our team at ACDC Solar shows you a smarter way to buy electricity. ACDC Solar empowers communities to lead better lives with clean, sustainable, and economically advantageous solar energy solutions. We meet with you at your business, analyze your electric consumption, and create a custom proposal based on your solar generating system's azimuth, size, pitch, shading, and tax appetite. The resulting proposal will demonstrate if solar is right for you, how much energy your array will produce, and how much savings you will achieve. We provide you with excellent customer service, customized designs, professional installations, and help turn your roof into an ATM for your organization.

Ric was able to save my family and me thousands of dollars, and it didn't cost me anything. I recommend him to all of my friends

- E Johnson, New Jersey

ACDC Solar did an excellent job installing our Solar Panels. They were on time, efficient and a great company to do business with. We are very pleased with their work and highly recommend them.

- Beth & Gerry Cormier, Massachusetts

Mike is an incredible participant at BWG Strategy roundtable events. His knowledge and ability to articulate his views is as strong as any executive across the solar industry ecosystem. I would recommend him without hesitation for any project, due diligence or participation as an industry speaker.

- B. Williams, BWG Strategies

Thanks for all your help Mike! You saved my family money, and were such a pleasure to work with...I will definitely be recommending you to many of my friends.

- J. Vercollone, Massachusetts

Solar adaptation is no longer a debate about climate change or political beliefs, it's about ownership. Investing in solar is a savvy investment strategy and will save you millions of dollars. The solar industry has 260,000 employees; in 2016 1 out of every 50 new jobs in the USA was in the solar sector, which represents 2% of all jobs created.


One hour of sunlight contains enough energy to satisfy the world's energy needs for well over one year.